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Discussione: Wikileaks: Is Julian Assange really enemy of people?

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    Predefinito Wikileaks: Is Julian Assange really enemy of people?

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    As far as my concern this is a delicate job. It's good for the world to know what happened in the "buttons room", you know, but even if what it's tell it's true. It might be dangerous to create a so tension state among governative classes, publishing some sensational news like these.
    But we have to think: why Swedish Government did send an international bench warrant to him just beyond his revelations? About a brutal crime, too...
    It may be a base of truth in all these revelations, also it's quite difficult for him to prove what he says, even because this news come from anonimous sources. It rest only words.

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    Wikileaks est la plus importante agence du presse internationale, la plus libre et pas corrumpu de governments (nationals e internationals).
    La libre information est un droit sacrè: chaque politique jure avant la Costitution Nationalle et avant les status de Organismes Supranationaux (Nations Unies, par example).
    Qui peut se rèvolter si ce n'est pas qui a quelque secret?

    Julian Assange travaille pour informer que la politique est faux, le savoir-faire est tombè et mort. Assange, avec Wikileaks, a modifié l'équlibre international entre les Pays de l'Union Européenne, les Pays NATO et NAFTA. C'est un citoyen comme tous les autres.

    La "revolutionne" passe aussi entre l'information libre. Il déplace les consciences: les citoyens libres sono avec lui. Les autres font les même affairs de la classe politique et sont les même: faux moralistes.

    Chaque soldat, qui combat en Afghanistan ou partout, n'est pas en danger. En effet, la vérité est un bonne raison pour travailler mieux.
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    in my modest opinion i don't think so,
    if a govern, a prime minsiter or a politician did soemthing wrong , well thats not j.assange's fault ,
    he just revealed something bad or wrong committed by people that must be an example for all of us,
    if i do something wrong am i the one who should go to jail
    or should go to jail the one who just tell the world what i'v done?

    if politicians, prime minsiters etc would do only good things, if they were honest , they wouldnt need to hide their secrets and julian assange wouldnt need to do that "dirty job"..
    i think we have the rights to know what our politicians (paid with our money ) do , i think "transparency" would be the best thing to do for everyone!
    bye y'all!

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    Don't know wether he's enemy to all the people or not, certainly he's enemy to those who raped. (trollface)
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    Don't know wether he's enemy to all the people or not, certainly he's enemy to those who raped. (trollface)
    slow down a second , how can you say he raped someone? did he tell you ? did those girls tell you openly and directly to you: yes he raped us ??
    or you just read it somewhere ? i give you a little advice ...when you accuse soemone of such a bad crime just make sure you can prove what you are writing down ..just because you read it somewhere doesnt mean he did such a bad crime....

    but anyway the topic was : is julian assange really enemy of the people? i don't think so, wikileaks is revealing what should be openly said: a so called democratic country shouldnt have secrets or things to hide ..i mean if i am honest i have nothing to hide and no secrets ...
    have a good night !
    bye y'all!


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    Austinpowers, with all due respect I do not agree with your (second) statement.
    I mean, albeit a democracy should be run in transparency and accountability to the people, there's a time for each disclosure.
    And it ought to be "State", not "man" - least to say "spy" - to make such disclosure.
    It's not by chance that Mr Assange operated from wikileaks!
    And whatever happens by "leak" instead of design, needs to undergo a severe plumbist maintenance. IMO.
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